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DISCLAIMER: Due to the recurring billing accrued from the Google cloud API Quiznote uses, I've had to disable the billing plan on this project so it is not longer available for use. Thanks for understanding. 😪


Quiznote is an AI web application that transforms your notes or study materials into interactive quizzes to help maximize learning retention. Powered by Gemini AI , Quiznote revolutionizes the studying experience for students through active learning. As a collaborative project built by myself and Tekena Solomon , Quiznote was designed and developed under 2 days as an entry for the GDG Lagos Hackathon .


As lifelong learners/students ourselves, we recognized the struggle of converting raw study materials into effective learning tools. Traditional methods of note-taking often fall short when it comes to active engagement and retention. We were inspired to bridge this gap by developing Quiznote, a revolutionary solution powered by Gemini AI.

Technical Details

The website is built using modern web technologies to ensure high performance, responsiveness, and ease of maintenance. Key technologies include:

  • Next.js: Fullstack Framework
  • Google Gemini API
  • Hosting: Vercel

How we built it

We began by integrating Gemini AI's cutting-edge technology into our platform, allowing us to harness the power of natural language processing and machine learning. We then designed and developed an intuitive user interface utilizing Next.js for both the frontend and for the backend to create a robust and scalable solution.

Challenges we ran into

One of the main challenges we faced was fine-tuning the algorithms to generate quizzes that accurately reflect the complexity and nuances of the study materials. Additionally, optimizing the platform for performance and scalability presented its own set of obstacles. However, through iterative testing and collaboration, we were able to overcome these challenges and deliver a high-quality product.

Accomplishments that we're proud of

We're proud to have developed a solution that addresses a common pain point for students and educators alike. Seeing Quiznote in action, generating dynamic quizzes from static study materials, is incredibly rewarding. Additionally, Quiznote earned Tekena and I the top spot for the GDG Lagos hackathon. In the end we emerged the official winners.

5 people standing holding a large winner receipt
A shot of my teammate and I with host organizers (May 02 2024)

What we learned

Throughout the development process, we gained valuable insights into the potential of AI-driven educational tools. We learned the importance of user feedback and iteration in refining our product and ensuring its effectiveness. Additionally, we deepened our understanding of natural language processing and machine learning techniques, which will undoubtedly inform our future projects.

What's next for Quiznote

Moving forward, we plan to further enhance Quiznote's capabilities by incorporating features such as:

  • Integrating internationalization support to allow users generate quizzes in their preferred language.
  • Increasing the quiz generation count to allow users practice with multiple quizzes.
  • Add a simple google authentication to allow users save, manage and update their generated quizzes to help them track their progress.
  • Integrating a feedback feature where users can receive detailed performance analytics and insights after completing quizzes, enabling personalized study strategies and continual improvement in comprehension and retention.
  • Integrating a quiz challenge functionality to enable users engage in friendly competitions with peers, fostering a collaborative learning environment and enhancing motivation and engagement.

In summary, we aim to make Quiznote the ultimate companion for learners worldwide, offering a seamless and personalized study experience through challenges and performance feedback to maximize their retention and knowledge gaining.