I'm Victor Eke. I live in Lagos, where I build the future.

I am a self-driven, career-oriented software developer specializing in front-end development and open-source, currently pursuing a bachelors degree in computer science. My expertise lies in building interactive web applications on the client side. Primarily working with technologies like JavaScript, Next.js, TypeScript and Python.

I strongly believe in continuous learning and improving myself, so I try my best to learn in any situation possible, unfavorable or not.

Beyond learning, I enjoy writing technical articles and creating projects that both inspire and benefit fellow developers. You can find my recent posts on freeCodeCamp and my personal blog hosted on this site.

If you ever spot me in the wild, don't hesitate to say hello! Let's grab a drink and geek-out over the latest advancements in front-end development or discuss our favorite programming language. ⚡

What I'm Currently Hacking on?

I'm still trying to wrap-up a few freelance projects but I took out time this week to work on the gdglagos hackathon . It was a tireless 2-day marathon of coding and collaborating. In the end, we emerged the official winners.

A picture of 5 people holding a competion cheque
A shot of my teammate and I with host organizers (May 02 2024)

We built a web-app powered by Google's Gemini AI that takes your notes as text input or PDF upload and converts it into interactive quizzes you can practice with. The app is called quiznote and it is currently open to contributions .

Soft Skills

Certain skills I've picked along the way that deserves mentioning:

  • Attention to detail: I take pleasure in creating designs and UIs with careful precision, emphasizing quality over quantity.
  • Open-source/Collaboration: I founded a community on GitHub called Communitypro that helps newbie developers learn how to contribute to open-source projects and collaborate in building together. Currently we are over 400 people strong with room for growth.
  • Ability to work with little supervision: I understand people are busy and would love to get things done timely, so I do my best in delivering assignments and projects with little supervision, sparing you the need to closely manage/oversee my work.


I made a notion list of things I need to build the right setup for my productivity. Among this list, I've purchased a personal laptop. Hopefully before the end of 2023, I should buy everything else.

Feeling generous? You can buy me a coffee to support my work.

computer desk setup
Setup I plan to build someday


Tools, technologies and gadgets I use on a daily basis but not limited to.






Inspired by Rafael Condo's heroes list, here's my own curated lineup of code conjurers and digital dynamos that I'm absolutely stoked to meet someday. "In no particular order"