Software engineer, technical writer & open-source maintainer

I'm Victor Eke, an experienced frontend developer passionate about learning and building open-source software that is beneficial to developers and the world at large.

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Work Experience

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Project Author

Technical content author tasked with creating interactive real-world tutorials, focused on topics like Next.js, TypeScript, React.

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Technical Writer

Volunteer writer for freeCodeCamp, producing technical articles around topics like nextjs, react, and JavaScript.

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Frontend Developer

At Winrealty, I was tasked to manage and develop a responsive and performant frontend application that reshapes the way countless users purchase property in Nigeria.

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Agpro Inc

Frontend Developer (Contract)

At Agpro Inc, I worked closely with a team to rebrand and build the frontend infrastructure of Agpro's Angular-based service web app that allows thousands of clients across the USA monitor their barn activity.

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Technical Writer and Contributor

My primary tasks at Aviyel included crafting technical guides and hosting coding sessions to bridge the gap with open-source content for some of the fastest-growing projects.