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Currencee is a powerful and user-friendly currency converter tool designed to simplify your international transactions and financial planning. With Currencee, you can effortlessly convert top leading currencies like USD, GBP, EUR, JPY and more.


  • HTML: Markup
  • SASS: CSS preprocessor
  • JavaScript: Language
  • Google Analytics: Stats for Site

Features and Functionality

The converter is powered by the Exchange Rate API , which supports over 161 commonly circulating world currencies listed here .

Countries are stored in a JavaScript object in the countries.js file. To add a new currency code to the converter, simply add a new object value and give the key a currency code with the value set to the countries code.


let country_code = {
  USD: "us",
  GBP: "gb",
  EUR: "eu",
  NGN: "ng",
  INR: "in",
  JPY: "jp",
  CNY: "cn",
  GHS: "gh",
  AUD: "au",

For example to add the United Arab Emirates dirham, here's how you'll do it: AED: "ae"


Currencee is currently launched on Producthunt with over 20 upvotes from the community.