Adocs is a simple and performant documentation site template built with VitePress —the static site generator powered by Vite and Vuejs.

Problem Statement

I wasn't really thinking about any problem in particular when I built Adocs. This was just a template I thought would help developers build their docs sites quickly without having to code it from scratch.

I also noticed there were limited articles on how to use VitePress so I wrote an article that is published on freeCodeCamp: How to Build a Modern Documentation Site with VitePress

Technical Details

  • Static Generator: VitePress
  • Custom Styles: CSS
  • Hosting: Vercel

Features and Functionality

  • Theme Switcher: Users can toggle their preferred color theme mode.
  • Customized Landing Page: Custom styles added using HTML and CSS
  • Open Sourced: This template is publicly available for use. You can check the Adocs repository


  • When you Google VitePress , the first article that pops-up is Adocs, just after their official documentation. :)
  • The project on GitHub has crossed over 45 stars and 22 forks

Challenges and Learning

VitePress was my first experience using a static site generator that supports markdown syntax so it was a fresh experience for me and I learned quite a lot, which was summarized in the article.